Tousuisha Manga Orders – Both New and Old

Busy times–I hunted down some more out of print Tousuisha titles and am prepping two new manga orders–a Tousuisha order and a “everyone else” order.  The twelve used, out of print Tousuisha books should be arriving next week.  I got them very cheap, so naturally ended up having to pay over double the book price to ship them.  I knew it was coming, but still.. orz

Other than those, it was time to catch-up on the last few months of Tousuisha releases.  Silver Diamond 22 is the prize this time–look at that cover.  The Prince looks fantastic–I’ve grown quite fond of him since his big development around Vol 12 or so.  The continuation of Ou no Ibara should be good as well; it had a strong first volume.  There’s also a number of series final volumes in this batch!  It should be a good selection then.  I never order any of their bunko releases btw–I already own the titles in the original, bigger, preferred! form.

  • Silver Diamond (22)
  • Akashiro Tamago 12-13 (end)
  • -Home (2) (end)
  • Kurokami no Maria (3) (end)
  • High & High (8)
  • Oh My Vamp (4)
  • Ou no Ibara (2)

Although probably not as recognizable, here’s a list of the out-of-print titles.  It will be a good reference when I add these to my manga trackers later!  I wish MAL wasn’t dying so much and that I could do something on there without pulling my hair out, or other people’s hair out for that matter.  There’s no suitable replacement and tracking is essential to keep everything in line.  I consider mangaupdates a step down in usability and quality.  LibraryThing and the like are only good for tanks as well.. sigh.  They make sure I don’t buy Tousuisha dupes at least.

  • Namida ga Koborenai Youni – Toumiya Senko Tanpenshuu
  • Eien ni Koi wo Shite Iru Mitai ni
  • Drive Hime x Sweet Ouji
  • Pure Masters
  • Abracadabra – I like this title :3
  • Gensei Ayakenmonroku
  • Life by Inaba Chihiro
  • Yukiiro Shounen – Sena Masaya Tanpenshuu
  • Push x 2
  • Colorful Ogenki Boy 2
  • Kimi wa Special Darling – Nemuri Himekako Tanpenshuu – I’ve mostly avoided her, but will stop doing so
  • Kyoushuujyo e Ikou

12 steps closer to having everything they’ve printed~


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