Shiny New Releases: Risutora Host

Time for another edition of shiny new releases where I basically whine about the newest, shiniest thing I want to read.  My eyes are fixated on Risutora Host (Downsized Host or Restructured Host).  The title tells it all:  this series is about a middle-aged salaryman named Ochiai who is downsized by his company.  He meets an old acquaintance who shockingly hires him as a male host!  Will this overweight, nondescript old guy have unique strengths and appeal that will make him the top host?  Or will Ochiai just be hella creepy?!

You can read a few pages (free and legal!) on  I can’t wait to watch this pudgy ossan learn the ropes of his new employer!

3 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Risutora Host

  1. OH MY GOD. That sounds like a fantastic release. Definitely going to check it out.

  2. He’s won me over already… Poor guy, did he apologize to her for being gross?! Awww…. ; ;

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