Abe Miyuki’s Hakkenden to resume serialization under Kadokawa

Abe Miyuki has done well with Kadokawa.  Her newest title Super Lovers has been selling well, with both volumes breaking into the Oricon rankings.  They are also reprinting an older BL work of hers, Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru.  And the most surprising development is that there is a ton of chatter all over Japanese blogs and 2ch about a certain announcement:  Hakkenden is resuming serialization under the publisher Kadokawa.

….. Whaaaaaaat?

So far, of the numerous blogs mentioning this, not one I’ve seen has shown substantial evidence, such as a scan of the announcement, links to publisher statements, or even significant details.  Multiple sources say some information was given in the recent issue of TresTres.   I don’t buy the magazine, so I haven’t read it directly unfortunately.  A few murmurings point to the upcoming March issue of Ciel. Still, if this is true, I cannot express my joy that my second favorite currently publishing manga will get a second chance. /wipes tear  If it’s not, these bitches need to burn in hell for messing with my fragile manga heart.

Update:  Tousuisha posted a statement on their blog confirming the transfer of Hakkenden.  Considering the long hiatus, this is great news!  Hopefully that means we’ll get to see a proper ending to the story.

2 responses to “Abe Miyuki’s Hakkenden to resume serialization under Kadokawa

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  2. And now it is an anime. Here’s hoping translations are coming for it.

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