Christmas Manga Order

Things are so neglected and dusty around here–stupid real life and such cuts into my reading time.  /grumble This weekend will be the first in a long time that I won’t have to work.  Fantastic, especially since I’m basically a salaried prof.   No overtime, that’s the norm–boo.

I got it in my little head that I wanted to catch up on a few shoujo series and have them on hand, bloating my already sizable order.  A bit excessive, but also works as a reward for surviving the last semester and its terrible teaching schedule.

So lots of shoujo this time.  I think people mostly know me from my BL reading, but these are closer to my true colors.  I own more shoujo books (1.6k) versus BL (1.3k) after all~

Before I get these, I’m hoping to do an entry or two here, including a possible WTF Corner.  Those amuse me at least.

Cover pic of the bunch, Match Uri /longing sigh

BL (just a few this time)

  • Super Lovers 2 – $%@$#! – I’d have Abe Miyuki’s babies, but I’m already promised to Sugiura Shiho.  Oh, and we’re both chicks… can’t hurt to try. ♥
  • Aiso Tsukashi – Yamada Yugi is touchy with me, but this certainly touches the right spots~
  • Match Uri finally, one of the two Kusama Sakae volumes I’ve been trying to buy forever.. beautiful cover. /cover whore
  • Aitsu no Daihonmei 4 – I love her stuff and have for years since I read Menkui.  Can’t wait
  • Hinata – Naono Bohra oyaji alert!

Shoujo (dang, 26 volumes….)

  • Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist 2 – last chance granted due to hot black-haired guy on cover
  • di[e]ce 5-6 – ooh, finishing out something I’ve read from the beginning
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Cheshire Cat to Waltz 5
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Shirousagi to Tokeijikake no Wana 3
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Sangatsu Usagi – yes, I like the Alice games
  • Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to 2
  • Kiss ni Juuzoku
  • Tora to Ookami 2 – Kamio Yoko!
  • Kurobara Alice 2-4
  • Present wa Shinju – I usually don’t care for Saitou Ken, but this cover is damn cute and I’m a cover whore
  • Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku 3
  • Hyakunen Renbo 1
  • Akatsuki no Yona 1
  • Kyou mo Ashita mo 3-7 – major Emura catch-up
  • Issho ni Neyou yo 2-3 – I read volume 1 on the plane to the interview at my current job, so it’s been too long.  Also, someone needs to fangirl about Golden Days with me. D:
  • Kiss Yori mo Hayaku 6-8

Other (mostly josei)

  • Moe Danshigatari 2 – what treasures await me this time?!
  • Please, Jeeves 2 – God I love this–I even watched some of the TV show
  • Chikutaku Bonbon 1 – scouting Katsuta Bun’s independent works
  • Kono Tabi wa – est em, fyeah
  • & – short title, right? By Okazaki Mari
  • Shitsuren Chocolatier 1-2 – more Mizushiro Setona catch-up
  • Sansukumi – related to the cute Doukyou Shichauzo!
  • Tsukinode wo Matte – scouting Hatsu Akiko, possible hot guys of old shoujo/josei source

There’s a bunch of stuff coming on on 12/15, 12/25, and 12/30 I want, but this needs to arrive before I leave town.  I’ll just have to make another order… poor bank account.


3 responses to “Christmas Manga Order

  1. You mention lots of interesting stuff there. I’m currently reading both Shitsuren Shokoratie vol. 2 and Kuro Bara Arisu vol. 2 at the same time and I like them a lot! I can’t wait for my box with Kuro Bara Arisu vols. 3-4 to arrive and I can’t wait for my preorder box with Shitsuen Shokoratie vol. 3 (out today) to arrive either! This reminds me that I need to preorder Kuro Bara Arisu vol. 5 (out in mid-January)…

    I hope you’ll have fun with them too!

    • I’m looking forward to catching up with her current works. It’s good to hear that Shitsuren Chocolatier is worth buying. Like we were talking about before, she can be hit or miss, so considering I liked all her other more recent works, I was getting nervous that a “miss” would show up. It looks like her “hit” ratio is increasing.

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