Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino not to be released in 2010

The radio silence was speaking volumes already, so it was no surprise that HaccaWorks* finally updated their website officially stating that Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino will not released at the upcoming Comiket event.

I’d say I’m crushed, but eh… knew it was coming and was getting more irritated by the fact they weren’t updating the website information to reflect it!  It’s certainly not the first time HaccaWorks* has delayed a release, but hey–they  aren’t a big professional company and will still give us a good product in the end.

Ze banner, it crushes our little hopes~

8 responses to “Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino not to be released in 2010

  1. Ouch, just knew it.:x It’s not like I can’t wait though since my backlog is huge enough as it is.

    • My backlog is unfathomable too. It’s a shame–I was hoping to play AkaAka extensively over the summer, but the summer Comiket (if it’s even going to be released then!) isn’t until the end, so I’ll miss that opportunity. Darn 😦

  2. Yeah, that certainly was a huge disappointment D: I even saved up for the game, I was hoping it’d arrive as my New Year present, but oh well….
    At least they have a demo, but it only makes me crave for more, since it’s not voiced, but I really really loved what I saw, and I already can’t wait for the OST… >.> I kinda barely read characters’ lines, because I don’t want to spoil myself.

    I wonder when they’re gonna release it?

    • Same! I was resigned to spend some money on it going through whatever channel necessary to attain a dj game soon after release (scary). Even if it’s released at the next summer Comiket (absolutely no word/promise there), my best free time to play it will have passed. I wanted to use the summer to write up an entry on my favorite route or something! Too bad. I’ll keep stalking their website hoping they will announce a release date.

      The demos start very early/at the very beginning of the game, so you’re technically spoiling the first hour or so–not bad. Of course, it just makes you impatient for more..

      • EEEEH? So you mean that it won’t be released earlier than in summer of 2011? If it’s so, then I might already be in Japan by the time they release it D:

      • Ohhh, I totally forgot to ask. Why do those kids/fish spirits’ lines contain so many usual words written in katakana? I know sometimes people write words in katakana for a particular effect, but in this case, do you know the reason?

    • So far, there’s no hint as to when it will be released. Of course, we hope it will be in 2011. However, in one of the (old) HaccaWorks* booklets I bought, it literally gave AkaAka’s release date for like 2008, lol. It was really preliminary and just had a rough sketch, so that was aggressive. But it shows not to be surprised I guess!

      You see regular words written in katakana often used when foreigners are speaking to basically make them sound more foreign, so I believe it is used to the same effect here. Perhaps because they are younger, lesser spirits, the fish spirits seem less humanlike than the rest. They not only look that way in appearance (esp the eyes) and act oddly, but they also come across as something foreign (inhuman in this case) through their speech. That is what I decided on at least. I found it really annoying and harder to understand lol.

  3. =.= AWWWWWWWWW~~ why they don’t release it soon!! >3< the art is pretty gorgeous though!! XDDD

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