The Thanksgiving Lineup

That was quick–got the books yesterday.  I’m a bad girl and have poked my head in several, but I still have plenty left for Thanksgiving break.  Title list here.  In true shin holiday tradition, I like to spend some time holed up in a hobby, not to be disturbed by the world and all its responsibilities for once.

Usually Thanksgiving is all about the video game coma, but I haven’t decided on that candidate yet (shrink-wrapped Fable 3, get into Fallout 3 New Vegas again, Hanakisou PSP, more Atelier Rorona, etc..)  But this year, manga has a special little place too.

  • Oops, apparently I already read completely the Naono Bohra tank, but it’s good to have a paper copy of Hitomi no Ori.
  • Same with the Mizushiro Setona tank.. I know I own a tank of at least one of those stories!
  • Yes, I flipped the cover of Cake wo Kai ni to its delicious, delicious back cover.  Normally I like my treats fresh, but I wouldn’t mind one off of him..
  • I was not expecting the caliber of content of her S&M title, especially that queen who punishes the husband while desiring the innocent, naive wife..
  • As such, Kawachi Haruka is growing in my little manga heart.
  • I was hoping for an Asuka type otomen in Oujisama 100%, but I don’t think that’s the case.. we’ll see.

Oh and I apparently have multiple quarter to half-finished preview posts laying around (Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Super Lovers, Mahoutsukai no Neko, GushMania EX Body Hair), but I can never seem to finish them.  I doubt this will help and likely just add to that.. Bleh :-p


2 responses to “The Thanksgiving Lineup

  1. What stories are there in Mizushiro Setona The Best Selection? Is it worth buying it? I’ve read a couple of her other comics and I think that the quality can vary a lot.

    • She varies a lot–first, they are all older stories as these Best Selection collections tend to be. Some people are immediately turned off by her early art, but I still enjoyed some of her early works. It contains three stories: Stray Sheep, The Last Supper (also appears in Kanojotachi no X-Day Vol 2), and Soko wa Nemuri no Mori (has its own tank). I own over 40 tanks from her and 2/3 of these stories were contained within them, which was disappointing. Those 2/3 I don’t particularly care for either. I liked the first story well enough. I’d say it’s mid-road for her at best. I guess it has worth to me since I’m collecting all her works anyway, but it certainly could have waited until my next regular order where I’m buying the latest volumes of her two current titles.

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