Thanksgiving Manga Coma Order

After working my ass off for weeks on end (with a few more still to go), I wanted some fun material to read for the few special days I won’t have to do a damn thing.  Since it’s coming up, I needed to pony up the money for express shipping, so amazon it is… I may dislike them, but they handle preorders and usually ship when they say they ship (/stares at bk1).  The manga coma is meaningless if the timing is bad!

As usual, my selection was driven by what I wanted to specifically read and padded out with the more expensive books I wanted anyway to balance out shipping rape.  They didn’t have the new est em in stock.  Boo.

Mostly shoujo/josei kick, with a few scattered BL and seinen works.  Huge Kawachi Haruka selection with 6 books.. I might have all of them after this.  New Sekine-kun next month~

  • Ilegenes (5) – last vol, not counting new serialization
  • planetary* (1)
  • Inferno (1)
  • Hatena no Hana (cue Kawachi Haruka madness)
  • Cake wo Kai ni
  • Hebi Ichigo no Kanzume
  • Engawa Gohan
  • Love+Make
  • Ohmi Sensei no Binetsu (1)
  • Mizushiro Setona The Best Selection
  • Kabe no Naka no Tenshi (Bikke~)
  • Mawaru Sekai no Kimi to Boku (Naono Bohra)
  • Oujisama 100% (Mishima Kazuhiko)
  • Tsuratsura Waraji (Ono Natsume!)
  • Ou no Ibara (1) (Tousuisha needed to sneak in–Togawa Mitomo)
  • salty-dog (6) artbook (needed that for a while)

I’m not sure I’ll ever order another artbook from bk1 at this rate.. helps too much with balancing amazon orders!  I think I’m looking most foward to Ohmi-sensei and Oujisama 100% for now.  I meant to pick more with furigana, but those tend to be cheaper and don’t make the amazon order cuts.  This strong yen is killing me.  Also, me and my stupid manga tastes that don’t align with my laziness.. nuuuu :/


9 responses to “Thanksgiving Manga Coma Order

  1. Oooh Mizushiro Setona… I wish more of her stuff was being published in English. Bikke’s was really adorable! I love the cover, it’s got a wonderful texture. 🙂

    Looks like a good haul.

    • I do love her stuff. I’ve been a fan for a while, but I feel like I’ve fallen behind. I really wanted to order a pile of Kuro Bara Alice and Shitsuren Chocolatier, but I’ll have to wait for a normal bk1 order. I’m curious as to what’s in the oneshot tank and it’s just a single volume at least. I have that problem people claim with eating potato chips–you’re never satisfied with just one!

  2. bk1 don’t handle preorders well? Hmm never had that problem.. yet. (Don’t even want to think about shipping problems /paranoid)

    Nice thanksgiving gift for yourself :p

    • Perhaps it’s a frequency thing, as I’ve never had bk1 treat preorders normally unless I do so weeks in advance. About 1-2 weeks in advance, you’ll usually see two things:
      1) It won’t let you preorder at ALL. Very common. Even though you’ll check back later on the release day and it will be 24 hour shipping, so they have the stock… they just won’t commit to that and won’t let you order it (halting the rest of your order).
      2) It will switch to 7-10 days shipping a few days before/on release day, which may or may NOT switch to 24 hour shipping on release day. Or it might stay 7-10 days for 2 weeks. You can’t predict it. It did that with Ilegenes 5 this time (and ended up switching to 24 hours, but I’ve had some that did not and there’s no indication).

      Then again, split my order into one big order and a second order with only 3 books (containing the preordered Ilegenes). The second order shipped out a WHOLE HOUR after the first. gj amazon, gj! different warehouse maybe…?

      And yes, good gift… planning out my Christmas gift too~ XD

      It is sad how long I can ramble on about shipping D:

      • That’s okay. I tend to write long essays too 😡

        I remember doing that exact same thing once and they shipped my stuff altogether 2 days before the official release of that particular book. I was like whuuut. Ok, as long as I have my books lol. Maybe I was lucky hmm…

        Haha I wish I have another batch for Xmas. I just wish XD I just mashed everything I bought in November and called it “Xmas gift”- final small batch would be Kinokuniya and then my 2010 will be complete. And also broke to the core :p

  3. I have never had any problems with BK1 preorders, but then on the other hand, I usually try to make one big order each month, ordered as soon as I have got a “BK1 Express” e-mail telling that it is now possible to preorder the comics I want from next month, thus ordering the issues well in advance (and often halting all other items for more than a month). For example, right now I have two open orders: one placed 4 October (due to ship in about a week) and one placed 10 November (due to ship on Christmas Day or something). But maybe you are more impatient than I.

    • I could never place an order that early, as my reading list and preferences change too much. I favor 1 main big order every 1.5 – 2 months with perhaps a smaller inbetween. Also, you must be lucky, as the things I preorder never align with availability. Even if I get the notification for 4 different books, there will always be one annoying book that won’t go through (and they won’t let you preorder it period then) and will hold up the rest. Sometimes I can predict this by publisher, but that’s a hassle.

  4. And on top of that, add 2-3 months for surface delivery, so I won’t get my stuff until next year. If there’s some odd book which can’t be ordered in advance, I can always postpone buying that book for a month or so…

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