Shiny New Releases: Oujisama 100%

I’m getting myself worked up over recent releases while trying to pick out some appropriate Thanksgiving vacation reading material.  Hey, having more than one day of interrupted reading around here is reason to celebrate!  At least one where I don’t pay dearly for it that following Sunday (like tomorrow /sob).

Mishima Kazuhiko recently released Oujisama 100% and it sounds like a lot of fun.  I’ve been a long fan of her works.  After so many years, I usually tire of a BL mangaka’s style unless they are super fantastic, yet I’m still begging for more.  Perhaps I think she’s super fantastic deep down.  Certainly entertaining!

What the publisher Kadokawa has to say about the work:

Sanada is good-looking, yet a maiden at heart.  Harui is a tiny, yet handsome boy.  Their meeting was fated.

Well, I know she’s good at writing small, yet confident guys.  They are some of my favorites.  The maiden prince will be slightly new territory.   I am stupidly excited. XD

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