Life☆Switch by Tatsuki Kaya


Should we be concerned Sefa finds his boss’s dog form more appealing?

A quick backstory:  I once dreamed of leaving some type of will so upon my demise, scanlators could “request” a few of my series for their groups.  However, I’m evil and would place conditions on my free books–they’d in turn have to scanlate one of my chosen series, the foremost being Life☆Switch.  FYI, that idea was way too complicated and immediately abandoned.  I’m now banking on immortality instead of dealing with my mountains of books.  I apologize to my next of kin and only regret that I won’t see your face when you find the bara.

Why Life☆Switch?  Because otherwise no one else will ever look at it, yet I love it.  Being an older, out of print Tousuisha title with rough art by a mangaka that never published again, it is doomed to utter obscurity.  I even pondered scanlating it myself, despite the fact that I can’t scan, clean, typeset, or translate to save my life.  However, even if I did, still…no one would read it.  So instead, this is my futile little tribute to you, Life☆Switch.  You brightened my manga life~

This is the infamous bandit leader Will.  Do not cross him or he will mess you up.

The victim is actually kinda happy because he loves dogs.

Okay, so he didn’t always look like that (unfortunately).  One day, Will stole from the wrong old lady, who turned out to be a witch.  Oops.  The witch cursed him, so now he’s a fluffy little dog. In an instant, Will lost all his influence, money, and comrades–except one. His bodyguard Sefa stayed behind.  Now the two travel the world, searching for a way to remove the curse.  At least, that’s what Sefa would like the boss to believe.  Sefa is just enjoying the ride and he won’t let anything threaten his place at the boss’s side.

There’s something not quite right about Sefa…

Their (mis)adventures are the bulk of the manga’s story, consisting of episodic quests for the next new cure.  They don’t feel like filler, as they are always coupled with character development.  After all, this manga is all about Will learning not to be such a selfish prick!  During their travels, the two occasionally come across some method to temporarily lift the curse.  Whenever this happens, Sefa seems rather disappointed.  Sefa likes his boss in his fuzzy dog form–not only because he is incredibly cute and fluffy, but also because he’s utterly dependent upon Sefa.  Being the only one Will can rely on, Sefa no longer has to worry about being abandoned.  As a result, Sefa doesn’t particularly go out of his way to make sure these magical makeshift cures work.  In fact, he outright tries to sabatoge one because it sealed Will’s memories, making him forget about Sefa.  However, Sefa is usually in control and would never directly harm Will. Even if a cure actually worked, Sefa is confident that there are countless ways to entrap and monopolize the boss.  That’s my boy.

Jesus, Sefa!  Put that knife away! This is supposed to a cute shoujo manga.

That’s where this work shines–its characters, particularly Sefa.  Part human, part machine, Sefa was thrown away after outliving his usefulness as a weapon. Will found the discarded, broken down Sefa and claimed him on a whim, even though most people find these human/machine hybrids scary, creepy, dangerous, and definitely inhuman.  Soon enough, Sefa becomes his fiercely loyal bodyguard.  Almost too fierce.  When I first read it, I didn’t understand why I liked Sefa so much.  Now it’s clear:  Sefa is a classic yandere.

Sefa Vision. They’ll go along with the plan (for now)

We’re given limited, precious insight into Sefa’s inner workings.  In one telling scene, an evil demon failed to possess him, claiming Sefa’s heart was teeming with too many dark, disturbing things even for the demon to bear.  After the danger passed, Sefa coldly brushed off the demon, not deeming him worthy of any more attention.  That is until the demon offered a cure to the curse, to which Will looked up at Sefa…and it was decided. Sefa just loves being ordered around and being useful to the boss, but he sometimes calls the shots for his own amusement or self-preservation.  Sefa’s weakness to the boss’s doggy form amuses me to no end. He’s definitely the best part of this title.

Life☆Switch isn’t ground-breaking or technically well-made, but it was seemingly tailor-made to my tastes.    I know you’re probably cringing at the art, but I love raw, sketchy styles and this one certainly has personality.  It’s also my absolute favorite type of story:  a shoujo fantasy adventure with a hint of BL and  has a protector character (with a dash of crazy).  Yes, I’m that specific and yes, Life☆Switch fulfills that and claims a spot in my top ten favorite manga of all time.

4 responses to “Life☆Switch by Tatsuki Kaya

  1. A cute dog and a yandere, how can that fail? I feel like I already like Sefa.

    • Haha, it does have a lot of elements I enjoy and I think that’s why I love it so much. Sefa is the whole reason to read this–I really enjoyed his character.

      It’s just my type of story. 😀 Silver Diamond also falls under the “shoujo fantasy adventure with a hint of BL and has a protector character.” Chigusa just has a little mischief in him. XD

  2. I’ve been looking for the last year for this manga and i havent found it anywhere T_T its like it doesnt exist. I really want to read since when reading the summary i know i would like it since its genres cater to my likings…not everyday you find a manga

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