Finishing Out That Previous Manga Order

The new Silver Diamond volume made me throw some business at amazon.  However, I’m not made of money, so I diverted the reminder of my manga order back to bk1.  I can’t shake the feeling that it is less and less satisfying as the dollar keeps dropping against the yen. After this order, I might see a change in my buying behavior and feel less willing to take risks on random purchases. Then again, me cutting back still puts me at ridiculous consumption levels… and it’s not like I don’t already have a gazillion books to read.  However, I love getting new shiny books~ I’m already over half-way done writing up a little something on Hoshi Mamoru Inu from my last order. That will be posted soon! For now, the remaining titles:


  • Kiri – the route of infection KANARIA (1) – I’ve been waiting for this forever
  • Mahoutsukai no Neko (1) – more shoujo fantasy from Kikuta Yui
  • Are You Alice?! (2)
  • Seishun Kouryakuhon (2)
  • D.N.Angel (14) – lol, how many years have I been reading this title?!
  • Minato Machi Neko Machi


  • Shinkuu Katakoi Pack
  • Natsuyuki Rendezvous (2) – Kawachi Haruka double-whammy~


  • Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru (3)
  • Bukiyouna Silent (3)
  • Division – Nishida Higashi oyaji confirmed, fuck yeah!!
  • Sugar Code
  • Liechtenstein Hakase no Karei Naru Nichijou – looked like another older, kinda clueless professor like The End of the World
  • Aitsu no Daihonmei (1), (2) – catching up on print copies
  • TOUCH!!
  • Kuroneko no Yuuutsu – trying out some Citron with the previous older guy title and this fantasy title.. both are favorite themes
  • Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun
  • Unmei no Aite Desu ga, Nani ka? – trying out Gateau again


  • 10-4 (2) – Hashiba Maki~~~
  • Gensoshuukiritsu Moete Oboeru Kagaku no Kihon Element Girls – it’s a study guide about learning about the periodic table of the elements using moe characters.  All I can say is BRING IT.  I sense an unnecessarily long, over-qualified post about this one coming up~

I am dying to learn about xenon, err... kisenon

11 responses to “Finishing Out That Previous Manga Order

  1. Hahahah lol at Xenon…I see where they are coming from.

  2. God bless Nishida Higashi’s Division… I can’t wait to get it at the end of the month. I’m expecting a big pay off because I waited and waited for the tank instead of buying Dear+… I hate magazines lol they always get me hooked on someone new and take up so much space /cries

    Anyway, just saying hi so I can subscribe. Enjoying your blog!

    • I’m really looking forward to Division. Once you get it, let me know what you think about it! I’m the same way with magazines. I tend to go crazy with just a small taste of something (contained in a huge book!). I’m greedy and always want more. :3 Tanks are so small and pretty… irresistible.

      Thanks! It’s pretty random around here (and neglected at times lol). I’ve always liked your group’s choices, particularly all the Nishida Higashi love (and est em, and Yamashita Tomoko, aah). With that, I’ve been able to convert a few people over to Nishida’s great stuff and couldn’t have otherwise.

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  4. Thank you for a fascinatng blog. Google is my friend indeed.

    I found you while looking for info on Sugiura Shiho, and specifically why it’s so hard to find her works anywhere but on amazon. (And BookOff, if one lives near a store.) Would you happen to know why bk1 doesn’t list her at all?

    • Hey there–anyone who likes Sugiura Shiho is more than welcome here. 🙂 The publisher Tousuisha has a limited distribution circle. I don’t know the specifics of who they are aligned with, but they don’t have a deal with the major retailers like bk1, Rakuten, etc. Even is a fairly new deal–they’ve been there for only about two years. I was ordering from MangaOh before that.

      It’s a bit of a vicious circle: they aren’t as popular because of a limited distro, but their distro doesn’t widen because retailers don’t have a deal with them, with small circulation numbers likely being one factor. Potential readers have to really dig around to stumble across their books, usually by word of mouth. Sugiura Shiho is fantastic and needs to reach more fans. I wish there was a way to petition bk1 to carry their stuff. My manga life would be complete.

  5. Thank you. I’d heard it was somthing like that. I was in Japan when Racish first began and IIRC it started small and tentative. I’d have thought something might have changed in the intervening fifteen years.

    I wish there was a way to petition bk1 to carry their stuff. My manga life would be complete

    Ohh, mine too. I’m missing the last seven vols of Kohri, due to not making notes before a trip to NY. I did look at what it would cost to get bunko 13 & 14 from amazon, even though bunko is unkind to artists and even unkinder to my eyes. A mere $80 CDN, before our sales tax and duties and Fedex charges for filing paperwork. Mh, no. No I don’t think so.

    • Nice, so you saw the early Racish years? I had limited access then (mostly Koori) and relied on rare auctions to gather their old works. While their business has expanded somewhat to the point they are even printing bunko, it’s still pretty slow. The fact that Hashiba Maki left and Abe Miyuki is on hiatus makes me worried about their future direction.

      $80 CDN for bunko volumes 13 and 14?! Wow, that’s rough. I’m always grumbling about amazon shipping/handling prices, but even that is worse. I’ve managed to avoid most of the bunko volumes by finding cheap(ish) auctions of books in good condition. The proxy bidding fees add up as well.. they need to expand!

  6. So have finished reading Kiri? I have its drama cds but the likelihood of me understanding everything without manga is not that high…. Is it any good? More like… is it as good as Are You Alice? (which I absolutely love, especially the game).

    • Well, it works the other way arond too. I’ve read Kiri, but haven’t listened to the drama CDs (not really into them anymore) and I feel like I crashed a party that started already without me. It has potential, but it is slow being serialized in Kurofune Zero and I don’t like it when manga adaptations can’t stand alone without supplemental materials for the story. I’ll give the second volume a shot whenever it comes out, but if it’s still that way, it’s drop time for me.

      Actually, Alice gives me the same impression, like I’m missing all this other information that should be better alluded to in the manga itself. So if you’re doing CD/manga for Kiri, you have a better chance at really appreciating it?

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