Hanakisou PSP Release Date and Information

Hanakisou was the first visual novel published by the doujin circle HaccaWorks*.  It’s a rare example of a fantasy adventure game aimed at a female audience that is neither a type of “dating game” or simulation, whether renai, otome, or BL flavored.  Hanakisou was first released in 2003 for the PC, followed by an add-on disc in 2005.  Hanakisou was ported to the PS2 in 2006  and is finally making its way to PSP.  After being pushed back a month, Hanakisou PSP is set for a 9/22/2010 release with a MSRP of 4830 yen.

The PSP version will be fully voiced and contain the entire game, including the extra material added to the PS2 version.  It will include “a sight of petals red,” a side story about Hanashiro’s past, and “Hanauta”, a story about Kuroto’s parents.  The two side stories are also given full voice treatment.

Prototype has also reported some technical details.  Hanakisou PSP will have the data install option to ensure less disc reading and smooth music.  You can capture and create custom PSP wallpapers from any of the in-game graphics (oh shit I’m so there).  To adapt the different aspect ratios between the PC/PS2 and PSP release, a cropped version of the CG is shown.  However, you can use the analog stick to scroll down and view the trimmed portion.

Scrolling with the analog stick is possible.

I preordered my copy a while back.  I haven’t played a visual novel on the PSP yet, so I’m not sure how well the graphics will look at that size, but I’m not too worried.  I’ve played less beautifully illustrated games on the small DS screens.  Here’s to waiting just a little longer!

7 responses to “Hanakisou PSP Release Date and Information

  1. Being able to save the screencaps as actual PSP wallpapers is my 2nd reason for wanting this. My first reasoning is the game itself; glad to hear it’s gonna be fully voiced! :Db

  2. ;_; Why is the PSP so popular for VN ports? I’m still bawwing over Zettai Meikyuu Grimm being PSP only and still holding out on reading Hanakisou because I want to read it with voices.

    • I ended up playing the voiced PS2 version of Hanakisou the most because the voices are too good to miss. The PSP version will be easier to play at least with no region protection.

      ZMG appearing only on PSP and not PC is truly baffling. I’ve not played a VN on my PSP yet, but if Hanakisou works out, it’s one I might get in the future.

  3. HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I WANT THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!! anyway i’m trying to play this game but i dunno the game don’t want start in my PSP i wonder why it happen… =.=” since this game would be the first VN game in my PSP… =.=” i’ll try to check it again whether i need to upgrade the psp or not to play this game! >:3 since i can’t download and it’ll take a big amount of time…

    • No clue what the problem is–mine started just fine and also updated on its own before starting, like all PSP games. If you did “extra” stuff like firmware modifications/downloads, that could break the automated process and then you’ll just have to figure out how to work around it.

  4. I see… =.=” i guess i need to do a check since i’ve upgrade it into the latest one and it got weird… >3.<

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