GUSH ManiaEX Anthologies – When did they start sounding this fun?

When GUSH first started releasing their themed anthologies (the lineup on their website), they admittedly did not catch my attention and were almost immediately dismissed as generic and not worth the risk.  It didn’t help that I don’t generally like GUSH comics.

However, the oyaji themed anthology R45 grabbed my rapt attention. While I originally thought that meant everyone had to be 45 or older, it really meant only one of the two. DAMN! I still need to do an entry on that book, once I figure out what I want to cover within it!

I’m looking at their website and a gem has popped up!  The newest entry has the theme of “can’t get it up.” It’s all about the brave men willing to take on their partners who can’t “get it up” due to various reasons, ranging from nervousness, emotional trauma, or old age (YES! lol).  Oh boy, these poor guys.  BL tackles ED?  I’m guessing not.  However, this sounds classic and I bet there are some awesome WTF stories in there.  And I love my WTF stories.

So now I’m into it again, browsing their wares.  Then there’s this anthology with the tagline “A man’s sex appeal is determined by his hair!”  I just… I just want to see what they come up with inside this book! Body hair?! Hair everywhere, in an entire book? Okay, the cover is a bit scant, but what a BL scandal!  They’ve certainly compiled some more attention-grabbing anthologies.  My wallet cries.


4 responses to “GUSH ManiaEX Anthologies – When did they start sounding this fun?

  1. Oh my, so interesting…I understand your urge to buy them. Hair!?

  2. Oooh you know your curiosity in that hair thing will lead into something “wonderful”… well, you know what I mean XD

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