Manga Snippets – 8/20/10

Random snippets from some recently read manga.  Feel free to chime in if you’ve read them!

  • Ai ga Love Shite You Nanosa
  • Konoyo Ibun (3), (4)
  • Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Preview Book
  • Umi no Kishidan (17)

Ai ga Love Shite You Nanosa

Ai ga Love Shite You Nanosa

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book–being a Libre publication, I knew it wasn’t going to be something so (wonderfully) out there like Endless World and I thought Sugar Milk and Jaryuu Dokuro’s various oneshots ranged from “okay” to “decent.”  But the blonde yankee on the cover called out to me and I’m glad he did.  The yankee is named Takeuchi and he is such an adorable little punk.  The straight-laced student Oono is weak to Takeuchi’s odd charm and has his own cute “otomegokoro” (a maiden’s heart).

The main story of this book is a fun, fluffy read.  The highlights are the facial expressions and body language of our little yankee.  Takeuchi packs a lot of attitude in that small frame while still having a big, squishy heart.  The other story included is barely worth mentioning, as I’m not sure what the message was there, or if there even was one in the first place.  The main story definitely carried the weight of this book!

Loved the mouth shapes

One thing that bothered me was the almost complete lack of backgrounds.  It’s an unfortunate trend in BL lately it seems; it looks lazy and sucks the life out of stories.  Very, very few BL mangaka can actually utilize empty space as a proper stylistic technique and that’s the likes of est em or Ono Natsume (which is rare for her to lack backgrounds anyway).  After reading something intricate and beautiful like Super Lovers, the emptiness  in such a lively story was jarring.

Konoyo Ibun (3), (4)

If you’ve read Konoyo Ibun, it’s obvious that this work was meant to be short, but was extended due to popularity.  As such, there was an awkward transition in the first two volumes as the story tried to find a sustainable path.  I considered dropping it in volume 2.  But by volume 3, it has moved away from the original pair and finally found itself back on solid ground.  And better yet, it gives us delicious Suzuki Tsuta oyaji!  *ahem*  The older Minamiura and his changing relationship with Hatoki is visited first.  I love Minamiura’s character.  He’s the refreshing older man type with a great smile, tempered by life experiences these youngins lack, including a divorce and moving back in with his parents at such an age.  Almost every panel he appeared in was a tasty oyaji treat. ❤

By the middle of volume 3, we’re introduced to the next main human/spirit couple who have a completely different dynamic than the first.  The fox spirit, Kurayori, is a tsundere type that Suzuki Tsuta writes well.  It’s cute watching the other character being slowly accepted by Kurayori to only be essentially “friend-zoned” by the socially dense fox spirit.  The poor kid tries to overcome this barrier and you start to feel a bit sorry for him!

Ayaka Akashiya Ayakashino Preview Book

As expected, I adore this.  It’s a small, full-color booklet that contains a decent amount of information and illustrations about AkaAka.  Each character has a few vital stats, rough character designs, comments on concepts behind their creation, and a funny 4 koma comic each.  I was just ecstatic to get some information on Sagano–they’ve been very cheap about letting that out!  There’s a short comic at the end basically introducing the characters and setting.  Compared to her color work, the manga looks a little too clean and plain, but there’s plenty of deliciously raw sketchwork to make that up!  Some of the new information surprisingly aligns with my crazy, mostly unfounded speculations about Sagano *cackle*.

We both like crackpot theories

Umi no Kishidan 17 (final volume)

NOOOOOOO! *chokes*

8 responses to “Manga Snippets – 8/20/10

  1. how come that i didn’t know about Konoyo Ibun up till now? @_@
    somebody shoot me !! the cover looks amazing , and the art is melting me away ! gotta check it ❤
    Ayaka Akashiya , am loving the OP , and gotta try the demos ~ yue is handsome *blush*

    • Try all of Suzuki Tsuta’s works! They’re fantastic. I particularly like Merry Checker (incredible!) and Work In.

      Have fun trying the demos.. they are lovely just looking and listening to 🙂

  2. lol , i’ve got a thing for demons , kitsune ,gods , spirits xD
    dun know why , but am totally into them ~ a fetish i guess !
    anyways , am totally gotta check them *started loading*

    yeah , will check them , though i dun understand a thing @_@

    • Oh, I’m the same. I like fantasy stuff in general, so when it finds its way into BL, I’m always excited.

      I know a number of her stuff is out in English, just look around.

  3. The more I see AkaAka artwork, the more anxious I get on wanting to play it. |D Can’t wait till it’s out!

    • Yes! 😀 Same here.. it’s going to be maddening as the release date closes in (hopefully next Comiket.. they were frustratingly not committing to that though lol)

  4. heya, i recently read umi no kishidan but unfortunately can only get chinese raw till vol 12. if you don’t mind can u pls tell me wat happened in the final vol 17? thanks

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