Takuhai Spirits!! by Matsu Takeshi

Takuhai Spirits!!

A collection of bara stories from the king of “cute.”

Takuhai Spirits!! is a collection of Nikutaiha oneshots by Matsu Takeshi, who is a popular bara artist renown for his warm, humorous, and cute style.  However, unlike the previously posted Kyokan Hunter, you would never mistake his works for BL.  He draws very bulky, muscled bodies and has a rather graphic style that features what is affectionately known as the “tree trunk penis.” Thus, I consider his art a little more “advanced” for the regular BL reader looking to try bara, but his writing style is something they’d likely enjoy.  Particularly if the shorter, more raunchy BL stories are appealing!  If any bara artist is worth trying, it’s Matsu Takeshi.

I decided if I’m going to keep posting porny works like this one (yeeah, come on–it’s me we’re talking about here) that I need to make a uniform policy for handling graphic images.  I’ve gotten more random traffic than I anticipated considering I’m not advertised or linked anywhere.  Which is great–I figured only people who knew me would find this place and I’d love to know who/what these visitors are, but I also need to be a little more careful about the terms of service so it’s not reported by a random visitor.  Technically, you’re not supposed to post “pornographic” pictures here.  So I’ll be linking any pictures with a penis/penetration to my tumblr account since it has a mature flag warning.  So it will still be possible to see them if you’re curious, as showing something by Matsu Takeshi with no sex is unthinkable.  And not doing a Matsu Takeshi post is similarly unthinkable.  Bara is interesting from a demographics point of view and needs some more lovin’ in the manga circles.  So back to the regularly scheduled entry.

Being bara oneshots, the stories tend to be short, making them sparse on plot and character development.  But that’s where his work shines.  In a small amount of pages, you get a good feel for his characters and their personalities, something I wish I could say for more oneshots in general.

Typical Matsu Takeshi guys–muscled and smiling

The first story is about a earnest man named Mitsuo beginning a job at a delivery company.  Mitsuo is assigned to shadow Shouta,  a laid-back, yet still somewhat intimidating guy.  Shouta seems like a slacker, making Mitsuo’s job rough.  Forced to always take the stairs, to take lunch breaks in remote locations, and to carry all the heavy stuff unassisted, Mitsuo begins to doubt his coworker.  Left alone in the truck while Shouta “talks” with a customer, Mitsuo realizes that nonsense helped him gain a sense of driving routes and his work load.  However, his admiration is short-lived.  Mitsuo then stumbles upon Shouta having sex with the customer and is completely thrown off balance.

You get one guess as to where this story is going.

There’s several more stories in this volume.  There’s one about a young man who is very friendly with cats finding a “neko” of his own (neko being another term for uke).  There’s another about a high school boy who seeks help from a cop to catch a molester.  When the cop doesn’t take him seriously, the boy insists on “reenacting” the crime.  At one point, the act gets ridiculously out of hand!   NSFW pic @ tumblr

“The bad man touched me here, officer” …actually, that’s not too far off

The last story, I Cannot Speak English~! is one of my favorite Matsu Takeshi’s oneshots.

Andrew, a tall, handsome American, transfers to a high school in Japan and immediately makes a bad impression on his new classmates. He comes off like a “weeaboo,” saying he’s always wanted to live in Japan and loves karate and tea ceremonies.  And he’s super excited to be here!

I just want to give this guy a Naruto headband and let him loose in an anime con.

Being the captain of the karate club, the gruff Fujii has to deal with the boisterous new student and is immediately dubbed “Fuji”, like the mountain, much to his chagrin.  Finding Andrew’s mannerisms irritating, Fujii shuns him and his pleas to join the karate club.  Eventually, Andrew has the opportunity to prove himself worthy of joining.

Turns out he has some skills to backup his karate obsession. Love those eyes!

After a heated spar, Fujii finally warms up to the odd Andrew.  The  subsequent casual locker room bonding quickly escalates.  Fujii does not follow proper locker room etiquette and unsubtly checks out Andrew’s goods as he nurses some blisters:  NSFW @ tumblr Andrew did look cute.. I can’t blame Fujii for taking the risk!  Of course, the story ends on a happy high note, like all of his works.

While it may seem contradictory, Matsu Takeshi is the “go-to man” for high levels of adorable fluff in bara works.  With two fan favorites, Crime Scene Investigation and I Cannot Speak English~!, this volume is a great choice for adding a little Matsu Takeshi to your manga reading.

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