Kazuaki Artworks Sneak Peek

I’ve had a watchful eye on Kazuaki since my purchase of kaiyorihito/kaiyorishiki (1) in late 2007.  Kazuaki’s popularity seemed to explode with the Starry☆Sky illustrations and now we have a glorious artbook.  Honestly, I was only so excited about it, but it far exceeded my expectations.  So I want to post a low quality pic preview of a few pages to hypnotize convince others to buy it.  This book is HUGE at 250+ pages.  The binding appears to be decently sturdy and the paper and print quality is top-notch.

There's cute Kazuaki girls

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of good looking guys too.

Includes a few BL illustrations.

Just a little bit more... a little bit more...!

There’s some Starry☆Sky illustrations, of course.  One warning–the famous CD illustrations are tiny.  I would have preferred they flipped them on their side and blew them up.  I love these drawings (one being my current computer wallpaper) and I’m disappointed that my artbook has much lower quality than online scans.  But that’s the only blemish on this otherwise excellent piece of work.


There’s even some very lovely fanart.


Okay, I’m not a big fan of artists that seem determined to make Konoe look a lot younger, smaller, and big-eyed than his original character design.  He was gorgeous before–why make him look more like a child? :/  Rai looks very nice though.

Then we’ll finish with some Persona 3/4 illustrations.  I’m still playing P3P and a little obsessed.

Ryouji!  And what is that on the right...? Let's take a closer look

Ryouji! And what is that on the right...? Let's take a closer look

!!! I WANT TO BE TEDDY THERE *dies from overload*

That was just a few of the 250+ illustrations in the book!  I love it when something exceeds my expectations–this artbook will not disappoint.  Now go, AND BUY!

10 responses to “Kazuaki Artworks Sneak Peek

  1. Oh gawd that 4th picture!!! *A*

    Ahem! Kazuaki.. her(?) artwork is just plain gorgeous. :Db I never really knew about her till I got into Starry Sky though.

    • She is very talented 🙂 With kaiyorihito/kaiyorishiki, I just knew she was good for drawing shoujo with a few hot guys thrown in. I ended up trying Starry Sky because I knew she was drawing it and MAN, I had underestimated her ability to draw cute boys. XD

    • HAHA!! I have the artbook too~!!:D It’s really brilliant right:3 Everything’s so pretty~!!:3

  2. *AWESOME!!!* °A°

    …. I WANT THAT ARTBOOK!!! >w<
    the colors are handsome! i love the lamento one! *w*
    (damned, you spread that weakness on me!!! OTL)
    – is also begining to read kaiyorihito/kaiyorishiki- =w=;;
    *weak weak weak*

  3. Ah, I see what you mean now. They should at least fit 2 in one page for the CD illus. I would very much prefer that, if enlarging it is not possible. It’s like they were drunk and not thinking straight when planning the layout, lol. I mean c’monnnnn: more papers = increase production cost = I have to pay more for an empty space D:

    Other than that, it’s pretty gorgeous. I love love love the colours used. I hope Kino has kaiyorihito/kaiyorishiki too. They better do. (glares at sourface)

    • Yeah, it just looks jarring compared to the rest of the book. There’s some pages with white space, but *nothing* like those which just look lazy!

      The colors are so bright! When I picked up kaiyorihito/kaiyorishiki, it helped me get over “ick, digital coloring/tones” in manga. In the mid-2000’s, I saw too many mangaka kinda sucking at incorporating digital methods and started to get prejudiced towards them. So it helped turn me around because that manga is enhanced by that particular look. I’m a big fan of Chihiro’s character design with the short hair and glasses. ❤

      If Kino has it, that would be awesome–my Kino NEVER carried B's Log stuff. I certainly would have spent a lot more there if they had.

      • Yeah most of their digital paintings turned me off at the beginning, like total colour picking failure. But at least now it’s improving. I was kinda prejudiced towards digital inking too last time: I kept saying meh, you undo/ctrl-z cheaters XD

        Lol I guess I’m kinda lucky in a sense that they do sometimes slot in a few publishers that I want to buy. But still, no marble comics or Ichiraci. I am disappointed in you, Kino.

        B’s-log however takes this pathetic small corner at the most bottom shelf (the seinen/josei shelf apparently, no idea why). And again, they only pick certain series to stock up for sale: TnC, Lamento, k/k. And that’s about it. No Ame Nochi Hare, Shinkuu Yuusetsu, etc. Speaking of hard to reach places, Chara instead takes this row wayyy double my height. Why do they even have that height for shelves? …And how am I suppose to take/see them without a ladder gggrr it’s like they’re making fun of my height indirectly D:<

    • Ha, glad I’m not alone. I figured I was being an old fogey by not embracing the digital revolution, but it had a rough start.

      I’m impressed they carry k/k, although that’s probably a result of her game illustrations, so it’s pairable with Lamento and TnC. I dream of days I’ll find Ichiraci stuff in a bookstore.. an old one in Boston had some Racish stuff (mostly Koori), but they closed a few years back. :/

      But hiding things that high? SO RUDE! It’s not like the people usually grabbing Chara are tall guys.. :-p The fact that they carry it.. so nice. ;_; I miss being able to visit Kino/Book-Off, even if it was only a couple times a year.

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