8/17/10 – Tousuisha Manga Order Arrival and Amazon.co.jp Packing

Ha, I mixed up the release dates of Morimoto Shuu’s G Defend 37 and Asterisk 8, so my last order ending up shipping earlier than I originally expected.  So I’m now literally swimming in shiny books.  I guess it’s fine–one last big hurrah before my job owns my life again.  I previously listed the books in this entry, so here’s just a few pics that also highlight amazon.co.jp’s shipping method.  I’ll be posting some low quality peeks at the Kazuaki Artworks later.

Here’s how amazon.co.jp packs their stuff.  Honestly, I’m not a fan.

There’s no padding.  Things are just tightly wrapped in plastic, which results in a few things.  You do get nice protection from rain/snow if your package is sitting outside (this is the same for bk1).  I’ve certainly tested that on many occasions.  However, the lack of padding means I sometimes get books that have slightly bent corners.  When I pay that much for shipping and handling, I’d prefer to see something more effective and considerate of my products like bk1’s padding method.  I don’t think I took a pic of that last time.. will do so in the future.

My crappy point-and-click camera can’t show it clearly, but the book corners, including my expensive artbook, are already poking out of the plastic.  I’d rather my books get slight dings in them from loving use, not from poor packing practices before they reach me.  But hey, amazon.co.jp carries Tousuisha unlike many other stores, so I have to deal.

Not sure where to even begin.. I wanted to do a short preview of Amane no Uta, but there’s also Super Lovers.. *_*

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