Sagano Comic – From Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Preview Book

It must be fate that the one character comic strip that I can scan without bending my AkaAka preview book is Sagano.  It’s too cute not to share and I threw in my very quick “translation” of the dialogue.  I’m no translator, but you get the idea!

Translation under the cut~

Title:   It’s just how it looks.

Panel 1:
*The mysterious man, Sagano.*
Sagano:  Hey~
Yue:  So… is the blood on that muffler real?

Panel 2:
Sagano:  Eh?  I don’t know.
Yue:  …so you don’t know.
Sagano:  Yeah, I’m not interested.

Panel 3:
Yue:  But, you just look like a dangerous person that way, so how about taking it off?
Sagano:  Why?
Yue:  Eh?  Well…

Panel 4:
Sagano:  What’s wrong with that?
*It is the truth*
*Is a dangerous person after all*
Yue:  Ah, so that’s how it is~
Kurogitsune:  Don’t agree, Yue~!
*It’s dangerous, so get away from him~*

Ha, I love this guy~

7 responses to “Sagano Comic – From Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Preview Book

  1. *w* Sagano in all his handsomness!!
    haha, so he really IS a dangerous person! X33

    Thanks so much for your translation! >ww<

  2. Found this entry while looking for more AkaAka info, so thank you for the translation! The three characters seem as orky, as during the bit in the omake XD

    I’ve been looking forward to the game, ever since trying out the demo, after hearing about another game by the makers of Hanakisou ❤

    • Glad you liked it! They do seem more silly than usual in these extra materials/the omake, so it’s kinda fun. 🙂

      So you liked Hanakisou as well? I loved it and can’t wait for their new game either!

  3. Heh, yeah. while giving some idea of the interrctions between them Though did you skip Yue’s comment about Sagano getting arrested on purpose, or…?

    Yeah, it’s one of the few games I have finished both PC and PS2 version + listened to drama CD’s, so hearing about AkaAka had me interested even if the first demo with the fish trio had creeped me out quite a bit. The the one-sided exchange in the last bit by the 2nd one did the finishing blow…so it’s now one of the three games I’m really looking forward to, as I always have preffered plot/characterization vs ero/fanservice anyway.

    • Probably didn’t bother or left it out–all my translations here have the literally 2 minute accuracy warning as stated at the top.

      Haha, yeah.. the fish kids were just damn creepy. By the time the second demo came out, I was completely floored. I’m similar.. give me a great story and great characters and I don’t need any fanservice or explicit sex. There’s always other things to read/play for that if needed while finding truly good stories can be hard!

      • Heh, I see. That part was hard to read at first, so I thought I’d ask as I’ve done some ‘quick’ translations as hobby myself by some of the plot/characterization > smutt games.

        Yeah, and if it’s the rare case of having both of that? Lucky Dog 1 has probably stayed as one of my top fav past a YEAR, for just how well it combined both, while the creators would post additional sidestories even now. Yet playing VividColor’s Nessa recently was the finishing blow for never playing anything by that company ever again, because of just how much they’ve turned to trying to hide the lack of plot with smutt. After playing so many of the games and reading so many stories, it just feels like a waste of time when there’s game’s like Hanakisou or AkaAka that don’t even need anything like that to be interesting even in the demo’s.
        The only reason the first demo of AkaAka ever stayed on the PC was because of the omake, as the little bit with Yue during the game+ that kept me going even if I at times had to force myself thanks how creepy and unpleasant the atmosphere felt, yet the other just convinced me it was going to me one of those games I’ll play no matter what when it’s out, abandoning whatever other game I was playing.

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