Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino OP

A few people have recently posted the AkaAka opening on Youtube.  Here’s a link.  You can also download a copy of the opening on the HaccaWorks* homepage.  Very nice.  There’s some new CGs and even a couple minor characters that hadn’t been revealed yet.  HaccaWorks* already announced on their homepage that they have no new material for sale for the summer Comiket, so we’ll have to be satisfied with this.

#@$#  I want to play this game so badly and get an ending where Sagano strings up Yue and makes him into his new muffler…

…what? I have issues. :/

17 responses to “Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino OP

  1. haha, (one of my friend is one of the people that importated the OP on Youtube! :3)
    i really love it! -the song fits so well!-
    (i especially love the moment when the girls are singing -Tsubaki’s little sister is just too cute! *w*-)

    haha so you’re into Sagano! X33 (quite a nice choice)

    • Nice XD Does your friend have a website/blog? I’ve been looking for places that talk about AkaAka. Although I’m limited to English and Japanese I guess. ^_^;;

      It’s well done! The images look great and there’s a lot more illustrations and variety than Hanakisou. The girls were really cute–now I really wonder who the girl after Akiyoshi is. It’s also confirming that Tsubaki is not normal by any means. Can’t wait to see more of that!

      Haha, yeah.. Sagano is far too appealing. His predatory looks coupled with a smile remind me of Seishirou from Tokyo Babylon. I can’t wait 😀 Do you have a favorite yet?

      • (yeah! i’ve found the reply’s button! >w<)

        ho? well actually, he's chinese, and said he's waiting for the Chinese translator pack to play AAA (thought he downloaded the demo version! :3) -he do have a website, but he didn't talk about AAA yet u_u;;-
        oh! but we're both French! :33 see, you helped us to know about AAA so a lot of friend knew about AkaAka now! ^w^

        *w* oh my! yes! i felt in love with the Arts! and the colours seems so exotic! i love that "rainbow" effect colors! :33
        yeah! that girl after Akiyoshi seems to be related with him! :33 (and there's also a guy all in dark dressed… i wonder who he is! :3)
        i'm stalking your wordpress if you find more precious information about AAA! *w*

        True! he just looks like a real sadistic one! XD (and the mystery around the blooded tail he have is kinda freaky! XD)
        hum… I really like Tsubaki's design! (my friend too) but the others are really good too! :3 Kurogitsune looks fun! and Yue's cute too! =w=

      • Ah, too bad. I’m still hoping to find other English speakers that will play AkaAka. Perhaps I’ll find more after it’s released. But that’s great, I’m glad some other people could find out more about AkaAka. 🙂

        Haha, the OP does give us a lot of questions. Can’t wait to find out. Hopefully I’ll find more info on AkaAka–if I do, I’ll post it. I’m crazy about it.

        Tsubaki is intriguing–I want to find out more about who/what he is. Akiyoshi looks cute.. same with Kurogitsune. I think I’ll be playing all their routes in the game. 🙂

      • :33 i’m sure you will! :33 (besides you also could invite english speakers to play AkaAka! XD)
        -share the love!-
        haha it’s been almost the entire day, i’m searching for more AAA! :33 but i guess i should wait for the VN to get out very soon! :33 (i’m not sure, but i thought the next comiket is really close! :3)

        :33 *stalk stalk*

        yeah, i really wonder why her sister doesn’t want him to met Sora… that guy seems strange too =3= *feel intriguing* haha! Sure! you HAVE to try all the routes! èwé (i guess there’ll be as much as in Hanakisou! :33 it’ll be interesting!)

      • Hehe, I’m trying–there’s only a small community of English speakers who play visual novels and this type (not BL/graphic) isn’t as popular.

        The soonest it will be released will be winter Comiket. HaccaWorks* updated their page and said they’ll have nothing new to sell this summer Comiket. That little scribble at the end of the OP video is saying they’re not sure how “soon” it will be released.

        Yeah, the sister came off as real weird–lying so easily to keep people away from her brother. She’s still cute, even if she’s suspicious! 😀

      • :33 -haha, i guess our french community… he? is there any french community that play VN?! =A=;;;-
        Oh! you said it’s not a BLgame! :3 i’m quite okay with that!
        -don’t understand why everyone is saying it’s a BL! we should say “otome” =^= i’m sure it could reach a boy side players!-

        ho? is that so?! i thought it’ll release dring August! XD;; i guess i’m too impatient! :3
        i also think that a lot of people will find AkaAka thanks to AkikoShikata’s influence! 😛 (and also, the ex-hanaKisou players!)

        seems like the female characters are all weirdos! XD (MikotoNoNushi is kinda freaky too! and it seems like the guy who gave Yue’s mask is creepy too! >A< -oh! he's a guy! XD;;-
        i found Saku&Nagi's cosplays! :3

      • It was listed as non-BL in the gaming magazines. I think it’s going to full of heavy hints though, moreso than Hanakisou. It is a lot more like an otome adventure game!

        The female characters are kinda scary and seem like you wouldn’t want to underestimate them. :O Mikoto might turn out more dangerous than Sagano!

      • yup! that’s true! it’s more like an otome adventure VN! UwU i guess i should post an Entry about AAA on my LJ =w= (must stop people who are saying that’s a BL or a shounen-ai game! =3= even if i’m not against that idea =w=;;)

        (oh! i’m currently trying to find some AAAreshearcher fans! :33 if so, i’ll add your entry link, hope you don’t mind! :33)

        haha! True! :33 i’m impatient to learn more about her too! :33

      • HaccaWorks* is selling it as a supernatural adventure. So we’ll get BL subtext like shounen ai, but it’s not the main focus of the game. I’m good either way!

        Sure, you can link the entry. Let me know when it’s done–I’d like to see the other linked pages. 🙂

  2. Oh wow, and here I’ve been wondering who’s the guy in your DP on MAL xD
    This song’s so my type. I would also liek to play if I manage to find it.
    But for some reason recentlly I haven’t been able to play Japanese games on my laptop.

    I played Bloody Call and Hakuouki normally, but when I installed Starry Sky the one with Nanami, it went on smoothly at first but when I closed and opened it again, it wouldn’t work. And it’s the same with all SS games >.>

    I’m reeeally looking forward to this game now and I hope my laptop will be able to play it :3

    • Yikes, that sucks that you can’t get the Starry Sky games to work. Hopefully AkaAka will work for you–you could always try installing a demo. If it works, the full version will likely work too. But I hope you get a chance to play it when the time comes 🙂

  3. btw, is the OP single out yet?

    • Yes, the single was released earlier this year on Shikata Akiko’s “Inori no Kanata” (祈りの彼方) single. The long version is even better

      • Thanks! Lol, it appears I already have it. I have the whole discography of Shikata Akiko, and totally forgot I had it O.o I have the OP single^^

  4. And sorry for a triple post, but do you know any other singers/songs that are similar in style to this song?
    I’d say Aika Yoshioka is a biiit similar, but not really. Yanawaraba too… Can’t remember any songs similar to this OP.

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