Abe Miyuki’s Super Lovers in Oricon’s Top 30

Super Lovers Vol 1 - #27 on Oricon's sales chart

I was first shocked, then happy, to see that Abe Miyuki’s Super Lovers Volume 1 was ranked 27 in Oricon’s top 30 weekly manga sales list with 24k copies sold.  Anything remotely BL to break into these charts is usually the likes of Nakamura Shungiku (Junjou Romantica, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi). It was a slow release week, so Super Lovers managed to squeeze in!  Super Lovers is more bromantic than BL (in spite of the manga’s title), but that’s for another post.

Super Lovers is currently serialized in CIEL TresTres–the power of the publisher is almost frightening.  Abe Miyuki has been with the smaller (and admittedly my absolute favorite) publisher Tousuisha since the 80’s and hasn’t enjoyed that kind of exposure until now.  Hakkenden is certainly worthy of all praise you could ever give it; it boasts a well-crafted story, likable cast, and beautiful, detailed art.  However, I feebly hope and wonder if Hakkenden will ever resume from hiatus.  I’ve read a few chapters of Super Lovers and I hate to admit–it may have sold well, but Hakkenden is still the better work so far.  Something must be “up” with Tousuisha and their mangaka–Hashiba Maki also left and has two works, 10-4 and Kids Log, publishing in other magazines.  I hope they continue to do well~

8 responses to “Abe Miyuki’s Super Lovers in Oricon’s Top 30

  1. I have been looking around. Would you happen to know how frequently does CIEL TresTres publish? I tried asking my friends, but they dont read these types of magazines, and i am too embarrass to ask a family member. If you know please tell me how often CIEL TresTres come out. I use to think its monthly, but i wasnt so sure on that. Please help!

  2. This information makes me very happy. I don’t feel surprise because Super Lovers is an excellent manga. Abe Mizuki make the charcters cute, I think Super Lovers is even better than Komatta

  3. where can i buy her mangas? especially super lovers? Please tell me! Im looking for sobe web store :<

  4. so there is no english version of it?

    • No. Google will tell you that. And if you actually took a look around here (like that “about” section), you’d see I primarily discuss only raw manga here.

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