So it begins…

After years of selfishly hording my manga like a scrooge, I’m going to attempt to spread the love.

I collect Japanese shoujo and BL manga and this blog will likely focus on manga not readily available in English to draw attention to these lovely, raw works. I’m also a gamer and will post about BL and otome games to a much lesser extent. Mostly AkaAka, so I can get another English-speaking fangirl to fangirl with me…!

I don’t know a thing about wordpress, so bear with me. If I don’t start this now, it’ll be another year before I even consider it again!

Types of reoccurring themes to expect:

Short previews of various manga, spanning shoujo, BL, josei, yuri, and bara. Most likely available only in Japanese at the time of posting.

A focus on one particular mangaka of interest.

Featured Hot Guy:
These posts will provide a short introduction to some random, but attractive man from a manga or game. It’s a thinly veiled excuse to spam pictures of hot guys~

WTF Corner:
Title is self-explanatory. Works featured here will likely be shocking, disgusting, weird, and/or absolutely hilarious. Most likely one of those complete misses in BL. Read at your own risk.


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