Kyokan Hunter by Matsumoto Inaki

Kyokan Hunter

Your gateway drug manga into bara.

First manga post and a naughty bara manga is picked.  Yup, that’s how we roll here~

The story of Kyokan Hunter is summarized in its terribly cute cover:  a confident guy sweeps his muscled maiden man off his feet.  The confident guy in question is a wily thief with a taste for bulky men while his prize is a hapless security guard.

Kyokan Hunter starts with the tired and somewhat disturbing “rape is love” plot device, but it’s all good.  I stopped taking it seriously on page 2, when the thief claimed his goal was to steal the security guard’s maidenhood.  I’d say virginity, but he specifically used the female version of the word!  If that wasn’t sufficient, 2 pages later the thief uses a shoe blade to selectively cut the security guard’s shirt open, exposing his nipples, and then proposes a “your job or your ass” ultimatum.

Your job or your ass--which would you choose?!

Fantastic!  If you can have a little fun, this is a highly amusing, guilty pleasure type of manga.  Of course, the security guard gives in and thus begins their odd tryst.

Now that I have your attention–What makes this work good for beginner bara readers?  The storyline is familiar ground for BL readers, as well as some of the character designs.  I admittedly love the visual here–the domineering guy on top looks like he stepped out of a BL manga with his slender, toned build, pretty face, and longer hair. The security guard is definitely closer to what you’d expect from a bara work, with a more masculine face and a ridiculous amount of bulk and muscles.  Coupled with the lack of hair, this style resembles gachi muchi BL, like many Nikutaiha publications.  If you’re curious and have yet to venture into bara, Kyokan Hunter is a good choice.

Being a bara work, Kyokan Hunter is not shy and rather graphic. We’ll let it speak for itself:

  • The security guard becomes a willing partner soon enough – NSFW @ tumblr
  • I love it when the guy on top is so desperately into it! –  NSFW @ tumblr

It surprisingly isn’t all about the sex.  Not quite all at least.  But you’ll have to read the work to find out~

10 responses to “Kyokan Hunter by Matsumoto Inaki

  1. I definitely cracked at the shirt tearing page.

    Btw, the love is surely gonna spread, because someone is already planning on scanlating this one 🙂

    • I love how silly, yet dirty it is. I’m glad you liked it too. I never know with this kind of stuff, ha! 🙂

      Yes, I’m excited that it will be scanned! The Nakama head, a Matsumoto Inaki fan, got excited at my tumblr pic spam of it and decided to pick it up. I can’t wait 😀

      • I actually just finished reading this when I read this post 🙂 The omake in the park, where they parted ways emotionally and then realised that it was a circle; hillarious 😀

    • Nice timing! The ending was charming 😀 I loved the last shot of them having coffee and the thief shyly poking him with his foot.

  2. That’s how I like it hahaha. You did a great job, more love for this! (waiting eagerly)

  3. Aww now I wanna check it out, haha. XD You tease!

  4. Yosh!~ Hopefully we can get a chapter out by mid-august depending on mail/transer/editing (you know how its goes haha)

    I can’t wait either to be honest, my tummy got so hot when I saw the pics!


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