Featured Hot Guy: Arisue Sei

This feature is supposed to be somewhat ridiculous, mostly fun, and definitely an excuse to spam good-looking guys from manga.

Featured Hot Guy: Arisue Sei

Where can I find this hot guy?

Sei is the protagonist of the manga Yasha by Yoshida Akimi.

Tell me more about this hot guy.

Sei is not your ordinary hot guy.  By the age of 18, Sei completed a Ph.D. and conducts research on viruses.  Hot and smart.  Because of his hotness–okay, due to his manipulated, superior genes–Sei is targeted by several factions, including the company Neo Genesis that “created” him, pharmaceutical companies, and terrorist groups.  They won’t obtain this prize easily; those genes give Sei many spoilerific abilities other than being incredibly smart.  He is yet another intense, beautiful man brought to us by Yoshida Akimi.

More please.

Arisue Sei - This IS a Yoshida Akimi manga after all

Arisue Sei

2 responses to “Featured Hot Guy: Arisue Sei

  1. Ugh…that tattoo…(all I can say without reading it XD)

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